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Want your music on the radio?  Send us a link to your music so we can hear it.  If we like it, we'll download it and play it on Ultimate Rock Radio on your radio dial at WMFO 91.5 FM.  We'll also let you know when we're going to play it.  It's that simple!


Tell us which song(s) you want us to listen to first (optional).  Files must be at least 320k MP3,  or even better, a wave file.

Another easy way to get us your music is simply upload your song(s) to  It will ask you for our email address..  Use this email:


"" will notify us when your file is ready to be downloaded.  Your file at "" will expire in 7 days after uploaded and be deleted.


Or if you prefer to send a CD,

send to:

Ultimate Rock Radio

P.O. BOX 3922

PEABODY, MA. 01960 


Note:  Anything sent to Ultimate Rock Radio is non-returnable and does not guaranty airplay on the show.  If we decide to spin your music, we'll let you know.  Be sure to include a contact email with your CD.  We are currently not accepting any vinyl records.


Make sure the lyrics in your songs are FCC clean. No F bombs flying around or swearing in songs. We have to follow FCC guidelines for FM radio. If we don't, we could get fined by the FCC big time. So make sure your songs are radio friendly, FCC clean.


Take care and we look forward to hearing you on Ultimate Rock Radio.  Located on your radio dial at WMFO 91.5 FM in the greater Boston area and worldwide on the web HERE. Mondays 10am.

"Never Give Up On Your Dreams"


Send a link to your music to the email address below.

Ultimate Rock Radio

WMFO 91.5 FM

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